The Right Law Firm When The Charges Are Serious

Have you been charged with a felony offense in Wisconsin? The steps you take at this crucial moment will have a lasting impact on your future. At Gonzalez Law Office, LLC, in Madison, our criminal law attorneys defend clients against the most serious types of felony offenses and are committed to helping our clients avoid the harsh consequences of a felony conviction.

Handling All Types Of Felony Crime Cases

Felonies are more serious than misdemeanors and are generally punishable by at least one year in state prison. Felony convictions can run much longer, however, up to a life sentence.

We defend clients against all types of state and federal felony charges, including:

  • Felony violent crimes
  • Felony drunk driving
  • Felony white collar crimes

Felony Sex Crime Defense

Felony sex crimes are a special category of crimes that carry special penalties. If convicted of a felony sex crime in Wisconsin, you face mandatory sex offender registration. Sex crimes convictions that require sex offender registry include sexual assault, sexual exploitation of a child, incest, enticement and possession of child pornography. No matter how serious the charges, we believe in our clients and fight to protect their reputations as well as their freedom from criminal consequences.

Collateral Consequences Of Felony Convictions

In addition to criminal penalties, felony convictions result in a number of civil penalties and disadvantages known as collateral consequences.

If convicted of a felony in Wisconsin, you could lose your right to vote and possess a firearm. You could lose eligibility for certain public benefits. Many employers do not hire convicted felons. If you are an immigrant, a felony will derail your path to a green card or citizenship, and you may face deportation.

Our defense lawyers understand the high stakes of felony charges and work tirelessly to help our clients avoid all the consequences of a conviction.

Call Our Lawyers For Strong Felony Defense Representation

If you have been accused of a felony crime in Wisconsin, it’s time to get serious about your defense. To talk to one of our knowledgeable criminal law attorneys in a confidential consultation, call us at 866-282-7892 or contact us online.