A drug conviction can turn one’s life upside down. An article in Huffpost states that even though one can pay for the crime by serving a full sentence,  criminal records continue to haunt victims for eternity. A person with a drug conviction record may even end up with harsher sentencing if they get arrested for another criminal offense. 

One faces drug charges if found in possession of drugs such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and illegally prescribed drugs. Here are essential areas of life that mostly gets affected by a drug conviction record. 

Employment Opportunities 

According to a survey, 95% of employers carry out background checks on their potential employees to ascertain their trustworthiness. If they find a drug conviction record, they may be reluctant to offer them an opportunity. Also, drug conviction makes it hard for victims to find jobs in some industries such as nursing, commercial driving or legal practice. 


Banks and other financial institutions also do serious background checks on their clients and drug conviction leads to automatic disqualification. They always consider people with past drug issues as high-risk clients. It means they will not be eligible for a mortgage, student loan, or car loan. 

Child custody 

Even when they are convicted before they become parents, drug conviction stays in the record long enough to affect future child custody cases. Their partners can easily use this to question their ability to take care of a minor. 

Renting a house 

Landlords do not want people with criminal records in their houses hence will investigate the background before allowing a tenant in. 

Criminal records are public, and a simple background check reveals everything about the past of an individual. It is even worse in the internet era where it only takes a few minutes to find everything they need.