A DUI drug charge in Wisconsin is a drunk driving case where you are not accused of having too much to drink, but you are accused of taking drugs or some kind of medication that has impaired your ability to drive. These kinds of cases fall into two basic categories: recreational drugs and medicine. Either one of them could be the basis for a DUI drug charge in terms of recreational drugs, especially the illegal ones. According to AddBalance, you could be found guilty of that if it is proven that you have any measurable amount in your system of drugs such as cocaine or marijuana.Just because the lab report comes back and says you have those kind of drugs in your system does not mean you are guilty because their machinery is not necessarily that sensitive. 

A more complicated situation is where you are taking medication and you are taking it the way your doctor prescribed it. However, they are accusing you of driving while on drugs. Some medications will impair your ability to drive, and if you take them as the doctor prescribes them, you should not be driving on them. Other times, the medication will not impair you or the medication impaired you in a way that was not voluntary. In such cases, you may have a strong defense. So if you are accused of DUI drugs or operating while under the influence of drugs or medication, you need to talk to an attorney who is really skilled in this area  and who is qualified to evaluate your situation.