The opioid crisis is something on the minds of many Americans. This epidemic has not spared any state, including Wisconsin. Every day people face the loss of loved ones due to these drugs. The only way to fight it is to provide outreach programs, education and other services to help get people off drugs, but these things cost money. Fortunately, the state recently received a generous amount of money to put into its fight against opioids.

The Department of Justice prioritizes fighting the opioid epidemic. As part of its efforts, it offers funding to states to help with programs aimed at those addicted to these drugs. A recent award for the department brought an influx of almost $647,000 to Barron County for its opioid programs. Overall, the state received around $8,498,000.

The funds will help support programs that can assist people with fighting their opioid addictions. This includes drug courts and treatment programs. There is also funds going to support family, especially children, affected by the epidemic and to help combat prescription drug abuse, which is usually the way addiction to opioids begins.

While money cannot solve the problem, it does go a long way towards helping. The only proven way to combat the opioid crisis is to get people off the drugs. This is a difficult and costly path, which is why the Department of Justice funds will come in handy. It can help people who find themselves in trouble with the law due to drugs to turn their lives around while also helping many before they get to that point.

Source: APG Media of Wisconsin