During any time of the year, drunk driving charges can wreck someone’s life. With that being said, the chances of someone being pulled over for driving under the influence may be especially high on certain occasions, such as Halloween. There are multiple reasons why the chances of being charged with DUI on Halloween and other holidays is greater, from an increase in the number of law enforcement officials looking for drunk drivers to parties that involve alcohol. Regardless, the consequences are just as serious regardless of the time of year.

Halloween parties can be a lot of fun, and many people enjoy wearing costumes and celebrating with their friends. Alcohol is often a part of these celebrations, and it can be tough for some people to measure how much alcohol they have consumed. For example, mixed drinks are especially concerning, and many people consume cocktails that may have more alcohol than they realized. Someone may have one or two drinks and think that it is okay to drive after a few hours, but their blood alcohol content level may be over the legal limit.

Also, people who rarely drink may consume alcohol at a Halloween party, and they may be inexperienced when it comes to the effects of alcohol and determining whether they are over the legal limit or not. These are just some of the concerns that have led to many DUI arrests during Halloween and other major holidays. If you were pulled over and charged with DUI on Halloween, your life may be unraveling before your eyes, which is why you need to look into your rights.