Maybe you do not set out to have too much to drink and drive on Wisconsin’s roads intoxicated, but it happens…more than you may like. The next time you overindulge, you may have red and blue lights trailing behind you.

Fix Auto USA offers a handful of alternatives to getting behind the wheel tipsy or flat-out drunk. Put them to good use to avoid a DUI or causing harm to yourself or others.

Choosing a designated driver

Of course, you cannot go wrong choosing a designated driver if you go out drinking with friends. You can buy this person non-alcoholic drinks throughout the night and offer to chip in for gas to make it worth her or his time. Be sure this is someone you trust implicitly to refrain from drinking.

Public transportation

Depending on where you live in Wisconsin, you may have access to reliable public transportation. If so, use it. Sure, you may have to wait for the bus or subway, but that wait is less expensive and less of a hassle compared to a DUI. Just be sure you check the schedule before heading out, making sure you set an alarm so you know when to leave the bar so you do not miss your bus or light rail.


A rideshare is the perfect middle ground between a designated driver and public transportation. The driver is sober and picks you up on your schedule. You may feel slightly embarrassed about your inebriated state, but it is worth it in the long run. Plus, you are likely not the first drunken passenger the driver has had, and you probably will not be the last.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.