When a person dies unexpectedly, there is an understandable need to fully understand the circumstances of the death. For many law enforcement officers in Wisconsin and across the country, this may include finding someone else on which to place blame. In fact, a man now faces criminal charges following a death in Wisconsin caused by an overdose.

The incident that led to the charges is said to have happened on a day in Sept. 2018. According to reports, police were called to check on someone in a vehicle during the morning. Unfortunately, the person — whose identity has not been released — was apparently unconscious and could not be revived. It was later determined that the person died from acute fentanyl and acetyl fentanyl intoxication. There was also reportedly amphetamine in the person’s system.

Police claim that text messages on the deceased’s cell phone led them to a 39-year-old man recently charged in connection to the incident. The latter claims that he sold the deceased Adderall that he obtained from his girlfriend but argued that the deceased person must have obtained heroin laced with fentanyl from someone else. However, someone in jail at the same time as the defendant claims the defendant admitted to selling the deceased four grams of heroin.

The defendant in the case is now charged with reckless homicide and amphetamine delivery as a result of the incident. The unexpected loss of a life is always a tragedy. However, all people facing criminal charges in Wisconsin and across the country are presumed innocent until there is sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In many cases, it is difficult for prosecutors to meet this standard, which is why working alongside a competent criminal defense attorney is so important.