People expect a certain degree of privacy when in their home, even if they are renting that home from someone else. Unfortunately, some people in Wisconsin may be questioning this, following a recent arrest. Two couples are now facing drug charges as a result.

The arrest happened on a day in early July. According to reports, the owner of the house that three of the people live in notified police that he suspected that his tenants were involved in drugs. The police then searched trash on the curb and allegedly discovered items that they believe were used to make meth, such as tubing and pipes.

A search of the home followed. Police say that they discovered more items typically used to make meth and that they discovered evidence of meth byproducts. Reports also claim that, the same day, one of the defendants purchased an over-the-counter drug often used in the manufacture of meth. As a result, all four people, a married couple and a couple who are dating, were taken into custody.

All four are charged with having drug paraphernalia and methamphetamine precursors and waste. The married couple faces an additional charge of maintaining a drug trafficking place. Due to the complexity of the criminal justice system, it is easy to see how those facing drug charges — or allegations of other criminal actions — could feel overwhelmed by what they are facing. As a result, many in Wisconsin who have found themselves in a similar situation have chosen to seek guidance from an attorney with experience with the process.