Facing drug charges is a life-changing event for many people. If a person cannot beat the charges, their drug possession convictions can result in years of time in jail, significant fines and restrictions to personal freedoms after serving time. No matter how a person receives charges, it is always wise to build a strong defense as quickly and effectively as possible.

If you currently face drug charges of your own, you should not put off building your defense. You have too much to lose, while you may have more opportunities to overcome the charges than you realize. Even seemingly strong evidence is often weaker than it appears.

Understand how the charges occurred

Sometimes, the way that a person receives charges gives them a strong basis for their defense. If, for instance, police find drugs in your home, this does not necessarily mean that the drugs belong to you. It is possible that they actually belong to someone else who left them there while visiting, especially if you recently had house guests or hosted a party.

Similarly, if police violated your constitutional rights during your arrest, you may have grounds to challenge the charges based on those violations. While police have the authority to use force to uphold the law, they must obey rules of conduct, and violating those rules may weaken the case against you. Examining each part of your arrest closely may help you identify potential defenses you did not previously see.

Examine the evidence

Often, people facing drug charges assume that the evidence against them is so strong that building a defense is a waste of time. This is rarely true. In fact, you can use the law in Wisconsin to test the strength of the evidence against you, if you work quickly.

One way you can test the evidence is to actually have it tested. To do this, you may request that the prosecution send the evidence to a laboratory to determine its chemical composition. In order to do so, the prosecution must physically locate the evidence, which is not always as easy as it sounds. From time to time, evidence goes missing and cannot undergo testing, weakening the case against you.

A laboratory may also return results that do not match your charges, or may be inconclusive. Likewise, these results weaken the case against you. Unfortunately, the longer you wait to build your defense, the fewer options you have and the less time you have to review the evidence for yourself.

Protecting your rights and freedoms is an important responsibility. Make sure to use the resources you have to build a strong defense that keeps your rights secure while ensuring that your freedoms remain safe.